Atelier Is An Internationally Recognized And ...

...trusted entity in Process, Control and Automation, covering everything from supply and installation to maintenance of all of our products offered.

Every customers needs are individual and application specific. Since 1989, Atelier SA has been meeting those needs, providing a range of products and solutions in the instrumentation, process and automation industries.

As part of a global network of companies with offices in Germany, the United States and Canada, Atelier S.A. is able to provide expert advice and support to all the products and services they provide, regardless of the size or urgency of a project.

Atelier S.A.'s superior technical team handles every aspect of our customers technical requirements, from consultation, to installation, right through to servicing and routine maintenance of our products, ensuring our relationship with our customers goes beyond the purchase decision.

With the support of our professional, highly-skilled and motivated administrative staff, Atelier S.A. is rapidly becoming the common yet respected solution to systems in and around Africa.

Our know-how, commitment to customer service and quality management system makes Atelier S.A. the right partner for you.