Our Partners

Atelier S.A. supplies all valve types, instrumentation, pumps, compressors, compressed air and gas components for various applications. We pride ourselves in supplying the right product for the right application. We also provide solutions in any and every application related to process, control and automation.
We represent several leading manufacturing companies, with our main goal being to aid our clients by supplying only quality products or technical support when required.
Here is a summary of some products we supply and services we render:
• Valves: Solenoid, Angle Seat, Butterfly, Ball, Check, Control Valves, Cryogenic, Diaphragm, Double seal, Gate, Globe, Knife–Gate, Multiport, Needle, Non–Return, Pressure Reducing, Safety and Relief valves.
• Pneumatic and Electric Actuators.
• Positioners
• Compressors
• Compressed air and gas components and systems: Regulators, Filters, Lubricators, manifolds, skids, etc.
• Medical gas pipeline equipment.
• Medical gas control equipment.
• Instrumentation and Control Equipment.
• Gauges, Sight Glasses, Filters, Strainers and Stem Traps.
• Pumps: Centrifugal, Diaphragm, Hydraulic and Submersible.
• Gas, Cutting and Welding Equipment: Pressure Regulators, Cutting Torches, Nozzles, Flashback Arrestors and Accessories.
• Fittings.
• Valves Repairs Service.  
We are the sole agents for:
Müller CO-AX www.co-ax.de is our flagship product.
Muller CO-AX is a leader in the valve manufacturing field with over 50 years of experience.
Muller CO-AX manufactures valves for any application, media and pressure, with application specific certification, and has achieved SIL2 and SIL3.
Muller CO-AX is the standard on all gas and diesel driven turbines, Voith Gearboxes as well as all coolant control systems on machining centres.
Some of the reasons why the Muller CO-AX products are preferent:
• Fast switching speeds
• Long life cycles
• Proven reliability
• Can handle high viscosities
• Contamination tolerant
• Operate from zero delta P upwards
• Back pressure tight
• Bi-directional flow
• Control tube technology (Not Pilot operated) 
M-Tech www.m-tech-gmbh.com
A sister company of Muller CO-AX, M-tech manufactures an unparalleled range of gas valves, manifolds, accessories and filling systems for the gas industry.
They also develop software for the management of their systems.
The M-tech products are available in various pressure ranges, running all the way up to 420 bar and are BAM certified.

Müller quadax www.quadax.de/en/index.php 
The unique design, a quadruple (four offset) design and a new manufacturing technology, Quadax® meets the highest tightness requirements, even under extreme temperature conditions, ranging from -270 °C to +800 °C.
Some of the reasons why the Muller Quadax® products are preferent:
• High Presure
• Extreme Temperature
• Sizes from 50 mm to 1000 mm and above
Bar http://www.bar-gmbh.de
Bar designs and manufactures a range of world class actuators and positioners, for a wide range of applications.
ETNA www.etna-industrie.fr  
ETNA has over 60 years of experience manufacturing, Hydraulic drives for circuit breaker, Make switches, Piston Accumulators, Safety Valves and pressure reducers.
Schrupp  www.hl-hydraulik.de  
Schrupp has over 80 years of experience in the manufacture of HP Pneumatics valves and systems, water and special fluid hydraulic valves and systems, equipment for road safety training centres, firefighting and cleaning spray systems and accesories for tundish systems.
Jefferson Solenoid Valves www.jefferson.com.ar
Jefferson manufactures a wide variety of valves from general purpose, through to application specific, i.e. cng /cryogenic/combustion / etc.
AKO Pinch Valves
AKO manufactures pinch valves for aggressive media applications, such as powders / aggregates / sugar / acids / grain / cement / etc.
Kraissl www.strainers.com
Kraissl manufactures strainers, filters, transfer valves and industrial pumps.
Klaus Union http://www.klaus-union.de  
Klaus Union manufactures gate, globe and check valves used in the petrochemical, metal and gas industries.
Gas Arc www.esabspecgas.com
With over 100 years of experience, Gas Arc manufactures specialty, medical, technical and industrial gas regulators / control panels / manifolds / flashback arrestors / accessories / etc.
Precision UK www.precisionuk.co.uk
With over 40 years of experience, Precision UK manufactures medical gas pipeline equipment, i.e.
Degreased medical copper tube, Degreased medical gas copper fittings, Brass munsen rings, Medical gas pipeline identification tape, Medical lockable line valve, Nist tee assembly, Medical gas outlet, Area valve service unit, Area alarm unit, Medical pendants, Bed head units, Reducing stations, Medical gas manifolds, AGSS plant, Medical vacuum plant, Medical air plant, Suction flow meter, Oxygen flow meter.
LT Gasetechnik www.lt-gasetechnik.de
LT Gasetechnik designs and manufactures gas process plants, serial gas mixers, instrumentation for gas systems, analysis technology, gas safety device, etc.
We are also able to supply you with competitive pricing on any valve or component you may currently be using in your plant.